Christian Education

Christian Education

Sunday School for all ages!

Every sunday @ 9:45AM

All children will meet in the chapel at 9:45AM for music, prayer, and fun! Nursery is provided for children under the age of 3 during Sunday School.

Christ Warriors:  Ages Pre-School to Grade 6.  All children meet in the chapel for music and a greeting!

Pace-Setters Adult Sunday School:  This Sunday School class chooses a Book of the Bible and then studies the book, chapter-by-chapter.  (Meets all year)

Grace Works Adult Sunday School:  This class will pick a contemporary issue to discuss and relate it to our Christian beliefs and morals. (Meets all year)

Young Adults:  This class will pick a book series to read and discuss.  (Meets all year)

Check us out for a strong christian education in Augusta, GA.