who we are!

Lutheran Church of the Resurrection is a community of Christians that Welcomes in Christ’s Name, Cares in Christ’s Love and Grows in Christ’s Spirit.

You will find your special place at Lutheran Church of the Resurrection!

The congregation of Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, relying on the power of God, believing in Jesus Christ, and inspired by the Holy Spirit, proclaims its mission to be:

  • Hear the word of God in Scripture and preaching, regularly receive the sacraments, and respond wit liturgical acts of confession, prayer, praise, thanksgiving, and offerings.
  • Develop an educational ministry that will enable people to know and respond to Jesus Christ.
  • Proclaim the Gospel by example and actions.
  • Serve as Christians in all the institutions and structures of society in order to minister to the needs of people and creation.

This congregation reaffirms its commitment to minister as a downtown church.

This is a community that trusts in God’s love; a community where we grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ; a community where we go out into the world to serve in his name!

We are Lutheran!  We are Lutheran Church of the Resurrection!