Worship Assistants

Worship Assistants


LAY/COMMUNION ASSISTANTS are church members who assist with leading worship, reading scriptures, offering prayers and petitions, and administering Communion in all worship services.

ACOLYTES are youth in grades 6 – 12 who also assist with worship.

USHERS assist members and guests at worship by providing bulletins, escorting worshippers, offering directions, and collecting offering.

SOUND SYSTEM VOLUNTEERS record Sunday worship services and the sermons from the Wednesday services.  CDs of these recordings are delivered to shut-ins by member of the Witness Committee and are also available to others on request.

FINANCIAL SECRETARIES are members who rotate responsibility for counting and recording monies collected during Sunday School and worship services, and from other special offerings such as love offerings.

The WORSHIP PLANNING COMMITTEE oversees the planning for and organization of all worship services.